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SAT Class @ HSCF 22nd year of Service 

PSAT, SAT, ACT and Jr. Math Classes from 5th grade




1994 Lake Drive

Casselberry, Fl 32707


Mr.Vijay Nayyar.

Phone: 407-399-4543

[email protected]

P O Box 574051


Fl 32857


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Every Session In 2022 Will Be On Line

Please every parent must join Sat WhatsApp Group ​

Scroll down and after all the teachers information there is invitation

to join the group 

Chirak Patel Ji Math class for

5th , 6th and 7th Grader Class on line

August 21st, 2022 

10.30AM to 11:30am

No calculator Is Allowed

Please do not use at Home also

Join Zoom Meeting -

Meeting ID: 882 1581 1686

Password: 519867

E-mail to contact Mr Chirak Patel [email protected] 

pre algebra homework 

Sujith ji Math class from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM​

7th to 11th grader August 21st 2022 

Home Work Test 4 section 4 from Dr John Chung Book 

Bring graphing calculator And BOOK in every session

  SAT Calculator Policy | College Board

Join Zoom Meeting -

Meeting ID: 849 0609 4951

Password: 5768470440

Email to contact Sujith ji [email protected]

Dr Gokul Kumar English ACT class

Time: August 28th , 2022 10:30 am to 11:30 am 

Homework test 2 from Act book 

Join Zoom meeting - 

 Meeting ID: 812 5031 5051 Password: 5588990550

YouTube lessons - ACT Prep Guide 2019-20 Test 2

Email Dr Gokul kumar [email protected]


Homework  for Mr. Dillon English class for both sessions 

Test Sat book McGaw  Hill 

 September 18th, 2022 


 Mr. Dillon First Session

 first session 10:00 AM to 12.00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting -

Meeting ID: 791 746 561

Password: 1447060669

Dillon English SAT class

Second Session

Time: September 18th, 2022  from 12:30 PM to 2.30 PM 

Join Zoom Meeting -

Meeting ID: 987 290 703

Password: 94752  973

Mr Dillon Email [email protected]

Please make a note of all the above access code to participate on line classes. You are not allowed to share them with any body in the world.

Its very important that all the children must be ready at least 5 minutes before the beginning of session. Your teachers has to accept you to join on line classes there is no door to left open. For an example you want to join at 8.15am Sujith ji class

chances are you may be denied to join ,.Sujith ji will be busy in teaching and he can not attend the late comers.

Wishing you all great health and super achievements in educations.

Join the satwhatsapp group for current information 

Every session in 2022 will be on line

Our Mock Sat test which was to be conducted on 23 rd April 2020 is cancel .All the children who has not pick up the Mock ACT test results can call Mrs. Geeta Suresh at 407 666 1925 and those children who registered but could not took exam can also call her and make an arrangement to how you can get the test copy .

Every child from 7th to 11th grade  who are in Sujith's , Dillon's and Dr. Gokul Kumar Class are required to buy the new all three books which are posted on website under book two for SAT and one for Act A must for every child.  No book for Chrak Patel ji class for 5th 6th grader 

Congratulations to our Student's Achievements

Congratulations to Ms.Laboni Santra, daughter of Dr. Swadeshmukul Santra and Dr. Upasana Santra. She has received on the ACT exam 35/36 with a perfect score in math. She was additionally awarded as one of the top 300 STEM seniors in the country at a Talent scholar search. She has join MIT she has make us all proud .We wish her all the best. 

Schedule for 2022

Please note all of the classes are online in 2022 

Sujithji’s Math class  from 8:00am to 9:30am

Dr. Gokul English ACT class from10:30am to 11:30am

Mr. Dillon First Session 10:00 am to 12:00pm

Mr. Dillon Second Session 12:30pm to 2:30pm

All the above classes are for 7th to 11th grader 

Chirak Patelji’s 5th and 6th Grader Math class 10:30am to 11:30am

1) January 9th Math Sujithji and Mr. Dillon English class

2) January 16 Math Sujithji and Chirak ji

3) January 23rd Math Sujithji and ACT English Dr Gokul Kumar 

4) January 30th Math Sujithji and Chirakji

5) February 6th Math Sujithji and Mr. Dillon English class

6) February 13th Math Sujith ji and Dr. Gokul English ACT class

7) February 20th Math Sujithji and Chirakji

8) February 27th Math Sujithji and Chirakji

9) March 6th Math Sujithji and Mr. Dillon English class

10) March 13th NO CLASS SPRING BREAK STARTS (March 14 to March 21st) (March 13th Daylight Savings time)

11) March 20th  Math Sujithji and English Dr Gokul Kumar 

12) March 27th Math Sujithji and Chirakji

13) April 3rd Math Sujithji and Mr. Dillon English class

14) April 10 th Math Sujithji and Chirak ji

15) April 17th Math Sujithji and Chirakji 

16) April 24th Math Sujithji and English Dr. Gokul Kumar 

17) May 1st Math Sujithji and Dr. Gokul English ACT (Mother’s Day)

18) May 8th Math Sujithji and Chirak ji 

19) May 15 Math Sujithji and Mr.DILLON



20) May 22nd and 29th May No class

21) June 5 Dr. Gokul English ACT

22) June 12 Mr. Dhillon English class 

23) June19th and 26th NO CLASS

24) July 3rd No class

25) July 10th Mr. Dillon English class only

26) July 17th 24th and 31st NO CLASS

27) August 7th Math Sujithji Class and Dillon English class

28) August 14th Math class Chirak Ji 

29) August 21st Math Sujithji and Chirak ji 

30) August 28th Math Sujithji and Dr Gokul English ACT class 

31) Sept 4th math Sujithji and Chirakji 

32) Sept 11th Math Sujithji and Dr. Gokul English ACT class

33) Sept 18th Math Sujithji and Dillon English class 

34) Sept 25th Math Sujithji and Chirakji

35) Oct2nd NO CLASS happy navratri 

36) Oct 9th Math Sujithji AND Dr. Gokul’s English ACT Class

37) Oct 16th Math only Sujithji and Mr. Dillon English class

38) Oct 23 NO class happy Deepavali Annakut 

39) Oct 30 Math Sujithji and Chirakji

40) Nov 6th Sujithji Math and Dr. Gokul English ACT class

 Sunday November 6th, 2022 → Daylight Saving Time ends Clock Change)

41) Nov 13th Sujithji Math Class and Mr. DILLON English Class

42) Nov 20th Sujithji Math Class and Chirakji Class

43)Nov 27 NO class Happy Thanksgiving 

44) Dec 4th Sujithji Math and Dr. Gokul English ACT class

45) Dec 11th Sujithji Math 2nd Sunday Mr. DILLON English Class

last session of 2022

Mock ACT Test Feb 2020. 124 kids participated. 39 kids scored 28 and above.

Arrthi daughter of Vidhya and Vellore Jay she has the biggest jump from last year marks.

Anouska Daughter of Dr.Sudipta and Shanta Seal got 35 out of 36.

Jayson child of Abha and deep has the highest mark among 7th graders.

Mock Test feb Results

Mock Test Feb 2020

We had MOCK ACT test and our chief guest was our Chandrasekar. His son Balaji has been accepted in dental school and it is a true testimony that how our SAT class program has benefited many in our community. This year MOCK test ,we had 124 students participated.


3 of our Students got 36 out of 36in ACT test this year.

and in SAT one child got 1600 hundred out 1600.

God bless them all.

It takes a whole village to raise a child 

Registration for 2020 school year.

Kavya Shah Accepted in Harvard

This is Kavya Shah got accepted in Harvard,Yale and Duke.

He choose to join Harvard.

Kavya is the son of Mrs and Mr Mehul Shah.

His ACT score is 36 out of 36 and SAT score is 1580 out of 1600.

We wish him all the Best.

Overall highest Mark $100 Award:

Vedic Sharam & Nishi Anthireddy

800 out of 800 in Math $100:

Vidit Pokharama

Good progress from last year:

Arithi Jaisgankar

7th Grader Highest mark $100:

Aditya Krishnan

ACT Test 36 out of 36:

Saardhak Bhrugubanda got 36 out of 36 in recent ACT Board exam.

*** Total students who took the test is 1.8 million. He is in the top 0.13% ***

Congratulation. (son of Padmaja & Kesava)

SAT Mock Test Feb 2019.

SAT Test Day Checklist as per College board

SAT Essay Important information

A must visit site and book mark it.

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving

Math lovers please visit this site to learn more.

New parents: Message

I want to welcome the new parents and their kids to our program.

Some of FAQ from new parents

1. How does this program works?

The kid takes a test on the 1st Saturday of each month at home. The tests are in the book. The kids takes one test a month.

They bring the answers, book to the class and we review each questions and teach them.

2. What is the parents role?

Parents needs to make sure

1. The kids takes the test. (in a compassion note book in order to keep track of the test)

2. Correct them (answers are in the book)

3. score them and monitor the progress.

4. Bring them to the class only if they have taken the test.

We will turn students away if they can not show the proof that they have taken the test.

This program works only when the students come to the class after taking the test, since we focus on teaching what they do not know and not waste their time on things they know.

3. Where to buy the book?

When you buy the book , please buy the right edition. Stores have the new edition, so you may have to buy them online.

4. What is the formula book and where can I get it?

Contact Mr. Vijay Nayyar

5. What time the classes take place?

Math class every Sunday 7:30 to 9:00 am.

English writing once a month on Sunday 9:30 to 10:30.

English Reading Once a month on Sunday

1st period 9:30 to 11:30

2nd period 12:00 to 2:00

6. What can parents to do ?

This is your program and your participation is very important. Come early to set up the tables and chair. At the end of the class stay back to get the students put the tables and chairs back,

make sure the hall is clean. We do not have paid staff to do these services. Parents can volunteer in the temple canteen, sit in the class and take notes.

Akshay Save -Presidential Scholar

We are very happy to announce that one of our SAT students Akshay Save is selected as 2010-11 Presidential Scholar.

This is an award given to just 131 students out of about 2.5 to 3 million students every year.

Thanks to our community leaders, who has given us the environment to help our kids succeed in their education.

So far in the last 5 years our community has produced two such scholars.

for more information about this award please visit Save Presidential Scholar.pdf